Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lees Stout - 1952

Over at Barclay Perkins a while back, there was an interesting recipe for a session stout: J.W. Lees Archer Stout. I was curious about the low gravity, how close it seemed to a dark mild, and the extensive ingredient list. I am a big fan of beers with few ingredients - it is easier for me to identify the specific malt flavors if there are only a couple (or one) in the beer. However, I decided to try it so I ordered a 6-pack of Lyles Golden Syrup from Amazon and got down to business.

Nic decided to come over and help out that day, so there was more talking and very little notetaking. Nevertheless, I did get all my notes into the spreadsheet. The only unique thing that I did was that I used the London Ale III cake from my second Crouch Vale attempt. No problems there.

Day 28 (11 Dec)
Racked into a keg today and pressurized it. FG was 1.010, so just shy of 4% ABV. Big nose on this beer, way beyond what I expected, but none of the expected big flavor is there (there is *some*) but a really nice drinkable beer.

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